Visiting for an Event

Arriving and Parking

When arriving for a event in the clubhouse, you are welcome to drop your party off in the traffic circle by the main entrance facing you as your drive in. When parking, please turn left as you enter the Club and park in any unrestricted space, a sign will be visible if valet is available at the time.

Main Entrance

Please enter through the main entrance and directions will be available from there for your event. During business hours, a receptionist desk is staffed to your right. Restrooms are located to the left from the main entrance lobby.

Dress code

Guests are expected to dress in good taste and to exercise sound judgment in dress suitable for a private club environment. Articles of clothing not allowed in the clubhouse: bathing suits, tank tops, gym/athletic shorts, halter-tops, tube tops or cargo shorts. Shorts in general should match those available in a golf pro shop. Men's hats should not be worn inside.

Dress jeans only are permitted in the clubhouse, faded jeans or ripped jeans are not allowed. Certain social events or private events will not allow jeans, and this will be noted as part of the information for those specific events.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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