Visiting to Play Golf

Arriving and Parking

When you arrive to play as a guest of a member or in a private golf event, the cart barn and bag drop are located by turning right after entering the club’s parking lot. Bag staff is located at the bag drop to assist with arrival and departure of our members and guests. After dropping off your clubs, please park in any available unrestricted parking space. Guests are not permitted to walk our courses.

Dress Code

When playing golf or practicing, golf attire such as that sold in the Pro Shop is permitted at all times.

In general, all shirts should be tucked in with the exception of ladies tailored waist length golf shirts that may be worn outside shorts, skirts or long pants. Both short and long sleeved mock shirts are permissible provided that the collar is at least one inch thick. Articles of clothing not allowed: bathing suits, tank tops, gym/athletic shorts, halter-tops, tube tops or cargo shorts. Shorts in general should match those available in the pro shop. Cargo shorts or jeans are not considered proper dress for playing golf.

Pro Shop and Check in

The Pro Shop is adjacent to the cart barn, all guests are required to check-in at the Pro Shop prior to teeing off at the Starter's Booth, which has number one South to the left and number one North to the right.

Driving Range

The driving range can be reached by driving your cart around the back of the clubhouse where you will see the large practice green to your right. Ice and water are available opposite that Green under the stairs. Follow the path around the putting green to the driving range.

Using the Courses

All carts are equipped with state of the art GPS systems, these will give you accurate distances to the pin as you play, they also control where carts may be driven. if you approach a no drive area, you will see a warning, if you proceed the cart will stop and you'll be required to back up. No carts are allowed on Par 3's at any time. During normal playing conditions, golfers should use the cart paths as much as possible. When there is no cart path available, keep the cart in the fairway, not in the rough. In general, carts should not be taken into the parking lots.


Occasionally, inclement weather may force golfers to return to shelter until the all clear is given. Fort Lauderdale Country Club utilizes an Earth Networks lightning detection system. You can see the estimated time to all clear here.

After Your Round

After your round, may we interest you in lunch or dinner bite? Lunch is daily and guests may pay by credit card. Dinner is three nights a week beginning at 5pm on Wedensday, Friday and Sunday. Credit cards are conveniently accepted for guests to purchase items in the pro shop, the beverage cart and the dining facilitites.

When you're all wrapped up, please remember to return the cart to the cart barn and the bag staff are available to clean your clubs if you desire. Your bags can be collected by car from that area. Note: it is acceptable by club rules to tip the locker rooms attendants, bag staff and valet. Gratuity is already included on food and beverage charges in the dining facilities.

Welcome, and enjoy your round!

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